The Joy of Submission pt. 3

Oleh Zhakunets // 06.28.20

The nature of womanhood.

The Joy of Submission pt. 2

Oleh Zhakunets // 06.21.20

The excellencies of femininity. 

The Joy of Submission pt. 1

Oleh Zhakunets // 06.14.20

God's design for the sexes.

God Cares About The Details

Oleh Zhakunets // 03.15.20

God cares about what you do and why you do it. 

A Malnourished Soul

Ihor Zhakunets // 03.08.20

3 reasons we may be spiritually malnourished.

Surrendering Rights

Oleh Zhakunets // 02.23.20

Christians have the privilege in the gospel of surrendering our rights.

Spiritual Pride

Oleh Zhakunets // 02.16.20

Spiritual pride brings destructions to the local church.

Running After Christ

Oleh Zhakunets // 02.09.20

Whether married or single our goal is pursuing Christ.

Jesus People

Ihor Zhakunets // 01.26.20

Pseudo Spirituality pt 2

Oleh Zhakunets // 01.19.20

Counterfeit piety leads the church into danger.

Pseudo Spirituality

Oleh Zhakunets // 01.12.20

Counterfeit piety leads the church into danger

Sexual Immorality

Oleh Zhakunets // 12.15.19

The gospel is the key to fight against sexual immorality.

Identity in Christ

Ivan Bilskiy // 12.08.19

Our identity is received from God and not achieved by self.

Do Not Judge

Oleh Zhakunets // 11.24.19

How we are to judge those inside the church as opposed to those outside the church


Oleh Zhakunets // 11.17.19

Pride is a sin that is difficult to detect and difficult to kill.

The Beauty of the Church

Oleh Zhakunets // 10.27.19

A healthy understanding of the church helps us see her beauty.

Being Christ-Centered

Ihor Zhakunets // 10.13.19

Looking more like Jesus means looking more at Jesus

Boasting in the Lord

Oleh Zhakunets // 09.29.19

God's wisdom puts man's wisdom to shame.

Division in the Church

Oleh Zhakunets // 09.22.19

Paul addresses divisions in the church by

pursuing the quarrelsome heart with the truth of the gospel.

Pilgrims Toolbox

Ivan Bilskiy // 09.16.19

We have all we need for a safe arrival at the kingdoms gates.

Prestige, Position, and Power

Oleh Zhakunets // 08.25.19

The gospel redefines our worldview

The First Church in Corinth

Ihor Zhakunets // 08.18.19

How the first church in Corinth came about

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