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Ihor Zhakunets // 11.03.19

Disciples of Jesus are expected to share the good news about salvation in Jesus Christ with others so that they may be reconciled to God.


Ihor Zhakunets // 10.06.19

Giving is an opportunity to worship and participate in kingdom work. 


Ihor Zhakunets // 09.01.19

Serving is an integral part of life as a disciple

Enjoy God

Ihor Zhakunets // 08.04.19

Enjoying God is essential to christian discipleship.


Ihor Zhakunets // 07.07.19

Repentance is a life long spiritual habit.

Pursue Holiness

Ihor Zhakunets // 06.02.19

Pursuing holiness is a calling on every Christian - it is basic discipleship.


Ihor Zhakunets // 04.07.19

Thinking through the what, why, and how of baptism.


Ihor Zhakunets // 03.03.19

Being a part of the weekly gathering in the local church is vital to spiritual growth.


Oleh Zhakunets // 02.03.19

The natural response to the grace that has been poured out on God's people

Bible Intake

Ihor Zhakunets // 01.06.19

Bible intake is essential for spiritual growth

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