Finances Done Practically

Oleh Zhakunets // 12.03.17

Practical implications of the Bible's perspective on money.


Oleh Zhakunets // 11.05.17

The Bible's secrets to financial success.

The Lamech Dilemma

Oleh Zhakunets // 09.03.17

The distinction between Lamech's lyre and singing Lamech's song.

Leisure and the Christian Life

Bogdan Bilskiy // 07.06.17

Leisure is a tool that God uses to satisfy His people with Himself.

Getting Up On Monday Morning

Ihor Zhakunets // 07.02.17

Biblical motivations for work.

Kingdom Work

Ivan Bilskiy // 06.04.17

Thorns and fruit of labor


Oleh Zhakunets // 05.07.17

The sermon gives on overview of the Christian ethic of work.

Marriage & Mission

Oleh Zhakunets // 04.02.17

The sermon focuses on God's design of marriage and mission.


Oleh Zhakunets // 03.05.17

The sermon looks at the concept of gender from a biblical worldview.

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