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Oleh Zhakunets // 06.16.19

There is no other gospel.


Oleh Zhakunets // 06.09.19

The vision of Jesus is compelling enough to make real change in the life of a believer.

Paying Pastors

Oleh Zhakunets // 05.26.19

The Spirit filled community will delight in giving financial for the sake of the gospel.

Spiritual Life

Oleh Zhakunets // 05.19.19

The Life in the Spirit is lived in the context of a boisterous and broken community.

The Death of the Flesh

Bogdan Bilskiy // 05.12.19

The daily work of the believer is to put the flesh to death.

Living Free

Oleh Zhakunets // 04.14.19

Living in freedom is a genuine struggle the people of God need to be prepared for.

Poor Responses to False Teachings

Ihor Zhakunets // 03.31.19

Not all responses to false teaching are good for the gospel.

Standing Firm

Oleh Zhakunets // 03.24.19

God gives his people the means to stand firmly on the gospel

and not waver when hardships come.


Oleh Zhakunets // 03.17.19

True freedom comes only when God by his grace removes the bondage of our sin.

The Anguish of Ministry

Oleh Zhakunets // 03.10.19

Gospel ministry will inevitably involve suffering.

Who Are You?

Ihor Zhakunets // 02.24.19

The option between trusting the law and trusting the gospel is the option between living as an orphan or as a son.

The Privilege of Sonship

Oleh Zhakunets // 02.17.19

Adoption is a privilege of particular grace to the people of God. 

The Law

Bogdan Bilskiy // 02.10.19

God uses the law and our failure to keep it to drive us to Christ.

The Law's Place

Oleh Zhakunets // 01.27.19

The people of God find their hope and foundation in the gospel not the Old Testament law.


Oleh Zhakunets // 01.20.19

The power of redemption gives God's people joy in the blessings of God.


Oleh Zhakunets // 01.13.19

Belonging to God's family comes by faith alone.

Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus

Oleh Zhakunets // 11.25.18

The only way believers can avoid apostasy is to turn their eyes to Jesus. 

A Fight Worth Having

Oleh Zhakunets // 11.18.18

The blessing of the gospel gives believers the perseverance to preach the gospel.

Gospel Drift

Bogdan Bilskiy // 11.11.18

We drift from the gospel in our hope and in our actions.

The Consequence of a False Gospel

Oleh Zhakunets // 10.28.18

Believers are to be aware of the dangerous consequences of a
false gospel and be ready to war against it. 

No Other Gospel

Ivan Bilskiy // 10.14.18

Deviation from the gospel of Christ ends up in no gospel at all. 

Courageous Dependence

Oleh Zhakunets // 09.30.18

The profound dependence of the gospel brings deep courage to the people of God.


Oleh Zhakunets // 09.23.18

In this sermon the historical context, big picture, and main idea of the
book of Galatians was introduced.

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