The Ten Virgins

Ihor Zhakunets // 11.04.18

How to wait for the return of the King.

The Wedding Feast

Ihor Zhakunets // 10.07.18

Because of sin, our default directions is away from the kingdom.

The Gift of Grace

Ihor Zhakunets // 09.02.18

God's grace makes us uncomfortable.

The Unforgiving Servant

Ihor Zhakunets // 08.05.18

An unforgiving heart is a sign of an unforgiven heart.

Parable of the Net

Ihor Zhakunets // 07.01.18

God cannot be fooled, the mixed community in this world will be sorted in the next.

Treasure and Pearl

Ihor Zhakunets // 05.03.18

Genuine faith values Christ.

The Mustard Seed and the Leaven

Ihor Zhakunets // 04.06.18

Understanding the "Already and Not Yet".


Ihor Zhakunets // 03.04.18

Between the two comings of Christ, Christians are called to live and witness for the kingdom even in a world of hardship and hostility.

Parable of the Sower

Ihor Zhakunets // 02.04.18

The kingdom of God doesn't come by an external power but by an internal force.

Kingdom of God

Ihor Zhakunets // 01.07.18

Tracing the Old Testament as it prepares us to hear the news of the kingdom in Jesus' parables

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