Preparing to Worship Scattered

| MHC Elders

To our Mercy Hill Chapel family:

Here is a list of what you will need to know and consider, while we worship as a church scattered.

1. The service will be video streamed at 9:30am (Ukrainian) and 11:30am (English). Please join us at those times. The videos will not be made available permanently. You can follow the link from our website or go directly to: (do not use “www”). Please give yourself some time to log on to the website.

2. Please engage with the service. Don’t just play it in the background. Use this as a tool to worship Jesus. Gather the people in your household, have your Bibles open, sing aloud, turn off other distractions. Let us do our best to connect with Jesus.

3. You can download and print off a service guide from the website that will help you follow along with the video.

4. Please continue to support the church financially. If you are an online giver this should not disrupt your routine. If you give in person, we would ask that you would consider the online giving option or sending in a check.

5. This is a unique situation and it will feel odd to worship like this. It is a good thing that it feels odd – we are missing out on a lot by not being gathered. May the Lord use this time to create in us a greater appreciation for the church’s worship on the Lord’s Day.

MHC Elders

Ukrainian Worship - 9:30am | English Worship 11:30am


11100 Snow Road Parma, Ohio 44130