Praying for MHC in 2018

February 6, 2018

Please join us in praying for MHC in 2018. Our hope is that the list will promote personal and corporate prayer by giving relevant prompts that are vital to the health of Mercy Hill Chapel.


1. Pray that God would continue to give the elders of MHC a steadfastness to pursue and promote the Christ given mission to his church: to go and make disciples.


2. Pray that God would bring up new leaders at MHC. As our community continues to grow leaders are required to effectively disciple God’s people.


3. Pray that God would mature the culture of evangelism and a love for the lost in our church.


4. Pray that God would continue to bless the preaching ministry of MHC. As we close out the book of Genesis and begin the book of Galatians in 2018, pray that God would use these books to grow our knowledge of and love for Jesus.


5. Pray for the many new babies that were born to MHC members in 2017 and the many more to come in 2018. Thank God for this provision and pray for the health of the children and great wisdom for the parents as they seek to bring up these youngsters in the fear and knowledge of the Lord. Pray that God would use the family ministry of MHC to partner with parents and provide assistance and direction in this mission.


6. Pray for the upcoming baptisms in 2018. Last year we saw five people baptized at MHC. In 2018 we already have four people working through the process to be baptized.


7. Pray for unity of purpose in the upcoming year. Our only hope for continued unity is the preciousness of the gospel. This has been the foundation of the close bonds between MHC members and will be the only thing that will sustain these kinds of relationships as the church continues to grow.


8. Pray for the members of MHC to catch a bigger vision of what God is already doing in our community and the potential of what he can do. We have covered much ground as a church in the last several years, but we still have a long way to go!


Our prayer is that God will continue growing our dependence on him this year. Pray with us and expect that God will do abundantly more than what is written on this list.




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