God's Protection

Oleh Zhakunets // 03.22.20

The cross assures us of God's protection

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Oleh Zhakunets // 12.29.19

The Bible is enough to give us a proper understanding of who God is and what he expects from us

What ever happened to Saturday

Ihor Zhakunets // 04.28.19

A biblical theology of Sunday and the Sabbath.

Be Doers of the Word

Ivan Bilskiy // 12.30.18

A guide to an appropriate response to the Word.

Grateful for Mothers

Ihor Zhakunets // 05.13.18

Four reasons to be thankful for moms from Proverbs 31.

A Resurrection Oriented Life

Ihor Zhakunets // 04.08.18

The repercussions of the resurrection of Jesus Christ orients the lives of his followers

Mary and the Resurrection

Oleh Zhakunets // 04.01.18

The resurrection shows us that there is only one way for sinners to have peace with God.

Glory of God in the Cross

Bogdan Bilskiy // 03.25.18

The believer glorifies God through his response to the work of Christ on the cross.


Oleh Zhakunets // 02.25.18

Traditions can be both helpful and hurtful but they are not what unites

the people of God, unity only comes through the gospel. 

Scripture Alone

Ivan Bilskiy // 12.31.17

Remembering why the church stands on the pillar of Scripture Alone.

Corruption & Guilt Resolved

Oleh Zhakunets // 12.24.17

The Logic of the Gospel

Zane Platt // 10.01.17

The message of the gospel leads us to inevitably to a commitment to evangelism and missions.

Tell The Next Generation

Bogdan Bilskiy // 09.17.17

Trust in God; is the message for the generations to come.

Paul and the Resurrection

Oleh Zhakunets // 04.16.17

Why is the resurrection indispensable to Christianity?

Easter Part 2

Today in Paradise

Oleh Zhakunets // 04.12.17

The radical nature of salvation is pictured in the story of the thief on the cross. 

Easter Part 1

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