coronavirus response

Coronavirus Response

To our Mercy Hill Chapel family:


The threat of the coronavirus continues to grow. After prayerful consideration the elders have decided to cancel our corporate gatherings (Sunday worship, Members’ meeting, and small groups) for the next two weeks. The following are considerations that guided our decision.


1. At both the federal and state level, our government officials have issued guidelines for suspending gatherings of our size and smaller for the time being.


2. The coronavirus continues to spread – now with 31 confirmed cases in Cuyahoga County. We are not experts in public health policy, so for these practical matters we are relying on the information available to us and are ready – out of love and care for our church family and broader community – to err on the side of caution.


3. The majority of faithful, gospel-preaching churches around us have canceled their public gatherings.


4. There is historical precedent for this kind of decision. (9 Marks article about the 1918 Spanish flu.)


5. Currently, technology makes it possible to “gather” around the Word on Sunday and stay connected as a church. We realize this is not the ideal situation, but for this temporary measure we are grateful to God.


While we continue to pray, watch, and wait – in order to help us focus on Jesus Christ on the Lord’s Day – we will video stream the worship service for each week on Sunday at 9:30am (Ukrainian) and 11:30am (English).


More information will be made available later in the week. Please email us at or call us at (440) 623-9540 with any questions.


MHC Elders

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